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From the bottom of our hearts we thank everyone for the their support in helping us to build and complete "The Doc Project".
Last year during the routine inspection of Doctari and Simba's pen some areas of the front fence line began to show minor weakening of the posts. The founder of the Refuge Monique continued to monitor the areas, as the staff and volunteers along with Monique deligently worked to get newsletters and other communications out to our supportor and the public, to try and raise the $15,000 dollars, it would take to put this project into action. Through your kind hearts and generosity and all the people who put in such long hours and worked so hard, the new fence line was completed in March of this year and Doc and Simba were released into their new addition.
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Through all travels and journies that we enter, pass or endure we give thanks to the Lord

A Closer Walk:

Kantu was rescued just in time to save his life
His past is heart breaking but his future is one of love, recovery and safety. At the time of rescue Kantu was rushed to the local exotic vet. with his right arm dangling and his jaw obviously broken in half. The xray's showed his skull had been brutally fractured to the point it resembled that of a spider web. Kantu's arm was supported and he remained sedated, allowing time for the swelling in his brain to go down. Surgery would be performed early the next morning. 
After a successful surgery and a long week Kantu was released to come to his new home. A special cage had been built inside the house with padding on all sides,
 to help protect against further injury should Kantu fall. Unfortunately there were no means of repair for a fractured skull, but his arm and jaw had been pinned and wired.Tears would roll down his cheek and whimpers from his mouth as he tried to drink his bottle for nourishment. Kantu suffered through a lot of pain during his healing process, pain that no child or animal should ever have to endure.. Over the next six months he was nurtured back to health in the arms of Monique. Many nights she spent rocking him to sleep with singing and stories of the wonderful future that lie ahead of him. The two made an unbreakable bond from Heaven.
Today Kantu is quiet healthy and somewhat aggressive and rightfully so. He has matured and moved outside where he can enjoy the warmth of the sun and see the other animals. He can now hold his grip on an object allowing him to swing and jump and everyday must feel as a blessing. He no longer fears humans and looks forward to each new day to see what wonders it may bring.
 We hope to begin construction on a new living area for Kantu with taller fencing to help him build his natural skills to the next level. I know with your help, we will be able to accomplish our goals and help Kantu succeed. His life is a story of inspiration for us all to learn from. Through faith, hope, support and courage we can truly achieve anything that we set our minds and hearts to.

Thank you for your support.
Until next month God Bless
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