We can make a difference... One Animal at a Time
Cheeza is a 4 year old Siberian.Cheeza arrived with impaired vision due to partial eye muscle detachment. Bless her heart she can not see what is straight in front of her. 

Teneha a Blue Eyed Asian Leopard. Trying to figure out what to do with her halloween Pumpkin

Tony is a 17 year old Indonesian Tiger.  Protects his halloween pumpkin from intruders... Uhh.. should we tell him no one is coming to get it

Chuling is a 16 year old Barred owl. She arrived at the Refuge a baby, scared, hungry and her left wing badly injured. Even with surgery and weeks of antibiotics and nurishment, the damage was to severe to heal and her wing was amputated. 

Kemina- ( Spanish for Strong) fits her to tee. Rescued from from going to slaughter she is now prancing on green grass and receivind daily grub. We had to cut her mane because of the burrs and sticks.

Jawhar (Arabic for Jewel) was resued from slaughter with Kemina.. Jawhar is still learning that she will be fed every day and is not allowed to steal other horses feed.



   Natasha an15 year old Siberian.Rescued from a harmful environment, was kept in a cage so small  she could not even turn around. She was so happy to be released into her new 300 sq. ft. pen containing an in-ground cooling pond, tree-house, and an abundace of shade trees. She has not quit purring and Cooing yet.

Sammy is a 5-1/2  year old male bobcat.Being nocturnal you will rarley be blessed with his grace and beauty unless you are present at feeding time. While quiet curious in his adventures we are still working on the social skills.

Shambola is a Siberian male tiger. He is by far the calmest and most loving of all the tigers. Shambola having only one functional lung makes It critical to keep him cool during the hot Texas summers. He shares his 600 sq. foot pen and two cooling ponds with Cheeza and Sheba.

Tigger arrived with Natasha. She is approximately 15 years old. Both tigers have been declawed. However, during the process Tigger lost her entire toe. She takes great care when walking, not to place to much weight on her right foot to minimize the pain.

Baby girl 2 one of the many rescues we have made in the last two years is also a Jesus donkey baring the Cross. I love these guys so much. They are so sweet, I just can't imagine anybody wanting to destroy them.

Morning Star. She is such a beauty and ruler of the roost until Sir Willie arrived.

We thank God every day for the opportunity to care for His animals and to make the difference that they deserve. I never realized that so many horses and donkeys were in such danger.


Sheba is a 6 year old Bengal/Indonesian. She is very active, quite daring and loves spending her time in the water. 

 Doctari is a 8 year old male Siberian. 
He is very rambunctious and struggles to maintain peace with his twin brother.

Simba as he looks down on his brother Doctari,, just wonder what he will do next..

Kantu is a 7 year old Rhesus Monkey. 
His past is heart breaking, but his future
is one of love, recovery, and safety.  At the time of rescue his skull had been brutally fractured to the point where it resembled a spider web..his story continues in a closer walk 

Baby girl- known as a Jesus Donkey because she bares the Cross on her shoulder and down her back... She is one of many donkeys we have rescued this year. They are precious and protect the other horses from Coyotes.

Apache rescued fron slaughter in November 2011... by early 2012 it was plain to see we had gotten two for one.. this was taken in April 2012 as Bella.. spanish for Beauty..tries to suckle for the first time.. The miracles of birth are amazing and we have been blessed to be a part of this all. 

Sir Willie.. Keeper of the herd but always a gentlemen. The kids can walk under him and he will not move. So big and so gentle.

Won't you please join us and let's make a difference in their lives!!

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