Making A Difference One Life At A Time!
Join our Journey in Rehabilitating these rescued animals... Together we can make a difference one animal at a time!!

The Exotic Cat Refuge is a Rescue Habitat and Sanctuary for endangered, abandoned, and often abused animals. With more than 30 years of experience our non-releasable facility has provided a safe, nurturing, loving home for these amazing creatures.  Today the need for sanctuaries like ours, to provide homes for so many helpless animals is greater now, than ever before. In the last two years we have have opened our hearts and our habitat to aid in the rescue and recovery of many species outside of the Great Cat rescues. These include feral cats, donkeys and horses.  Without your kindness and support, these very important rescues could not happen. 

Our primary focus is the safety and welfare of all animals.  We serve as their advocate against cruelty and for their right to a pain free and safe natural environment! They can now be fed their natural diet and have the oppurtunity to bond and grow with their cohabitants without fear of abuse. Rescuing the animal from a dangerous environment is just the beginning.Once they are safe, a Sancturary like ours will be contacted in the hopes that we are able to take them in. We then have to prepare a habitat that is specific to any special needs they may have which can cost as much as 10,000.00 dollars. Depending on their health and circumstances the cost of bringing them back to a healthy posture can be overwhelming.

The Refuge was honored with the Award of Excellence from Mutual of Omaha for our hands-on work with the animals and our drive to preserve the natural world. 
Many sanctuaries have been forced to close over the past two years due to the lack of support. We can all make a difference together and we can make a significant impact in their lives.... One Animal at a Time! Please Help us , Help them... They deserve this!!
The Exotic Cat Refuge and Wildlife Orphanage is a 501-C3 Non Profit Organization and a Sanctuary for life.  We do not breed, sell, trade nor do we employ our animals for entertainment.

Many of the animals we receive have been rescued by legal officials from deplorable, vile, exploited, and abusive conditions.  They arrive starved, beaten, and broken.  Many are maimed for life with little or no hope for rehabilitation.  80 percent of all Great Cats received have had their claws removed, which leads to years of pad tenderness causing tremendous pain from a task as simple as walking.  40 percent of the animals will have irreversible arthritis from being kept in small cages where they were unable to stretch or change positions.  Another 20 percent will have had their kill teeth removed, which significantly increases the risk of mouth cancer.

The Refuge takes a very strong and passionate stand against animal cruelty and we continuously move toward improving awareness through public education, this web site and our newsletters.  Our hope is that that some day illegal breeding, trading, and buying of these majestic animals will be completely eliminated.

Won't you please join us in protecting the already affected animals and in our fight to raise public awarness and create a better world for all of them?

The Exotic Cat Refuge and Wildlife Orphanage
HC3 Box 96A
Kirbyville, Texas 75956

Founded by: Monique Woodard


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