One Person at a time-One Step at a time! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE            There are many ways your love and generosity can Impact their lives!

One Time or Reoccuring Donation

Your valuable contribution will truley make a difference in the overall ability to provide a healthy and happy life for these magnificent animals.  Every dollar you send goes directly to their support and care.  Be sure to check with you employer or insurance company, many offer matching grants"

Sponsor One of the Animals

Click on the animal of your choice and follow them as they progress in their journey of healing, growing and trusting again.  Rewards of the heart will endure for the joy your donation will bring.  With your annual sponsorship, you will receive an 8x10 photograph, a certificate of sponsorship and a holiday card of your choice from your animal.


Hold a Fundraiser

Involve your company, schools, church and clubs like the Boyscouts and Girlscouts.  Start with a 2 mile walkathon, get donations and sponsors "Remember every penny that is donated is 100% tax deductable for everyone, we are a 501-C3 Non Profit Orginization.  " It's a WIN WIN  situation, a fun afternoon with friends, colleages and family and what better cause than Animal Rescue & Support.

Cook Off's -
  Chili, crawfish, pies or cakes, you name it. Who doesn't like to battle for the best cook title, not to mention all the fabulous food to eat.

Concert in the park-
  Use local talent and school bands, hold it at the town gazebo or a softball park ( which usually have consession stands as well). Invite friends. family, churches, local orginization and enjoy the music.

Advertise your fundraisers through your local newspaper, many will donate a space to help out and you will be making a big impact on raising public awarness and getting new people involvled.

Give Gift Cards

-  Help support Building and Pen renovation they also carry shock and fungicides for the sanitation     needs of the cooling ponds.

Support our feral feline program.  We house over 50 Ferro cats and are currently working on the “Kity Korner” project to expand and improve their facilities.  With the changes in the economy so many animals have been left behind, unwanted and forgotten. We are now at full capacity and desperately need to succeed in this project in order to continue our rescue efforts.

DonateYard Tools
Lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, hoses, nozzles and hose repair kits.

Pen Supplies
Fencing (#9 chainlink & cattle panel) lumber 2x4's and up, 4x4's and up, cement, cement mixers, hammers saws.

Heating & Cooling
Industrial Fans, 1-2 HP motors with air tanks (aireators) , Shade cloth, shock, blueing agent & Skimming nets

Pay directly on the electric bill
With triple digit heat and so many fans and pools running the electric bill runs between $600.00- $1000.00 per month. Click on Billing Details 

Volunteer your time
Your time is a valuable asset to us, There are many things you will be able to help with;
Landscaping and gardening needs
Repairs around the grounds and pens, helping to maintain the shade cloth
Newsletters and computor updates 
For all volunteering please call to schedule time
Monique Woodard 409-423-4847


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