Give A Hoot Don't Shoot
My name is Chuling and I would like to tell you my story. I can only hope that others can learn from what happened to me and how it has impacted my life forever.

That Day Will Never Come!

It was a beauitful morning high in the trees nestled with my mother, she was teaching me lessons I would need  as I grew up.  I would watch her soar through the sky with the wind beneath her wings, she made it look so easy.  Oh I couldn't wait to be able to fly like her, so graceful and beautiful, but for me that day will never come.   
At night when the darkness began to settle in she would quietly head out searching for prey always to return with dinner for me. Soon I would be able to hunt with her, oh I couln't wait, but for me that day will never come.
Each new morning she would safely tuck me under her wing to sleep, but this morning would change my life forever.  
A loud bang rang out through the woods and suddenly she was gone, my eyes desperately searched the skies, but I couldn't see her. I cried out to her, mother, mother but she never came, I was so frightened, where could she be why doesn't she answer me? For the rest of that day and through the night, I stayed tucked deep in my nest for fear that I would become prey. Nothing was making sense, I was hungry, scared and alone.

The sun began to rise and trees started falling all around me, crashing to the ground my tree began to shake and I felt myself falling very fast. I tried to spread my wings to fly, oh the pain what is wrong with my wing I can't use it and suddenly I was lying on the ground. I tryed to get up, I hurt so bad my wing was all red, what was happening, why are all the trees on the ground, where is my mother? I cried out to her over and over but she never came.
Two men were standing over me, I thought they were going to kill me but they put a blanket over me and picked me up. I was taken to a house and then to a doctor.  When I woke I was in a cage, people were starring and talking to me. I wasn't sure what they were saying but they had food to feed me and I was so hungry, I hadn't eaten in days.

I tried to move my wing and couldn't, it was wrapped to my body. A week had passed with no signs of my mother but I couldn't even see the sky where I was at, I missed her so much. I was taken to the doctor again
 and when I woke my wing was gone, All I could do was weep and wondered how would I ever be able to fly or hunt like my mother?
Months passed as I grew stronger and bigger, soon they moved me outside, oh the sky looked so beautiful if only I could fly but I know for me that day would never come.
I have a really good home where they love me, talk to me and feed me every night. People come to see me, especially children and I like that a lot.
 I spend my days watching the skies and wondering if my mother can see me or if she thinks about me. Sometimes I call out her name and hope she will land beside me but I know for me that day will never come.  

Barred Owl facts


Barred Owls- typically live in heavily wooded areas close to water with either broadleaf or coniferous (needle like leaves) trees that are large enough in diameter they can be used as nest site.


They are named for their patterns, the chest which is cream-colored with brown barring, the neck and wing have transverse barring and the belly contains vertical brown streaks. Barred owl females are larger than males and both typically live 14-16 years. Barred Owls can reach 20” in height with a wing span of 4 feet; they have a hooked bill and string yellow talons to catch their prey with.


Barred owls mate in the late winter and begin with calling. Once they have responded to each other, they will perform a ceremonial type dance, bowing and nodding their heads while spreading their wings. Once they have mated, they are together for life and will find each other every year to mate. Barred owls generally nest in tree cavities or nests that have been abandoned by other animals such as hawks, crow or squirrels and since they are non migratory they will usually return to the same nest each year.  The female will lay 2-4 eggs in early January in the south or mid April in the north and she will do most if not all of the incubation. The eggs will hatch in approximately 28 days and the young will be able to fly and hunt on their own in just 6-8 weeks after hatching,


In the wild their natural diet consists mostly of rodents, but they will also eat birds, chipmunks, frogs, small rabbits and will even go into the water to catch fish. They usually sleep in the day and do the hunting at night with their extraordinary night vision and excellent hearing. Barred Owls will swallow their smaller prey whole digesting the soft parts and regurgitating what is left.

Chuling's story is one that is very real and has truley changed her life forever. She has never experienced the wind beneath her wings or recieved the chance to hunt her own prey. She will never be able to perch high in a tree or have her own babies. All of these things were taken from her when she was shot and then her home cleared from the forest for paper and other products.
Please be resposible with firearm's and teach your children the importance of knowing the impact that they can make on our wildlife.
Get training and know the facts!!

Many species are protected and endangered:
US Fish and Wildlife  and Texas Parks and Wildlife

Migratory Bird Act


Endangered Species Act


Conservation Education
 Today many species are in danger of loosing their homes and their food supply.The world's population continues to grow and spread out into the wooded lands affecting many habitats. The forests are removed for the timber and paper product and the emission pollute the water and air supply. Please get involved and do your part, teaching your children, friends and neighbors the importance of conserving, preserving and recycling. Tips to help;
1. Encourage your schools to teach or have projects on conservation and wildlife.
2.Recycle and reuse 
3. Never burn during burn bands.
4.Always vote against the killing of animals for their pelts.
5. Support your local sanctuauries and rehabilitation centers.
6.Turn water down or off while your brushing your teeth, only water your lawn once a weak, use rain barrels to catch rain water for your potted plants.
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